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  • The 4-Module ONE-DAY FLIP Training Course
  • ​My "Goldmine Ad" & 6-Word Craigslist or Facebook Ad
  • 5-Step Deal Validator Checklist
  • A Simple One-Day Flip Pricing Calculator
  • ​Buyer and Seller Agreements
  • BONUS #1 - Up to $600,000 in FREE FUNDING for your first One-Day Flip
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  • ​BONUS #3 - An official, signed document stating you have $600,000 to invest
  • ​Ridiculously Awesome Support 

Includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The One-Day Flip is proudly backed by the Awesomely Team and a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means if you change your mind about this decision at any point in the next 30 days – all you need to do is email us, and we’ll be happy to refund your purchase.
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Words From Your Fellow Students

"Over $43,000! Impossible Without This Funding."

I used Cam’s funding to get a check of a little over $43,000. Deal would not have been possible without your funding…or at least I would have made significantly less without your funding. Thank you! Also used your proof of funds letter and use it on a regular basis. Look forward to a long term relationship with you and your company!

— Mark Dennis

"This Will Change Your Life."

Literally in the split second of an hour our lives changed completely. We found a deal but didn’t know how it was going to be funded. BOOM our lives have changed. If you are sitting there wondering if you should do this, JUST DO IT. Change your life! You have the power and Cam’s team has the means.

— Connie Slusser, Cincinnati OH 

"My Membership Has Been Paid For Several Times Over…"

My membership has been paid for many times over between a deal that I closed and your no-fee transactional funding.
The deal I found seemed surreal until a $41K check was actually placed into my hand.
Please pass my appreciation on to your staff. Every phone call I made was met with kindness, willingness, patience (I’m new to all of this) and promptness.
Many, many thanks!

— Debra H.

"$20,184 in just 4 months!"

My very first deal funded by Cameron made me a profit of $20,814 after only having the program four months! Can’t wait to do more deals with his office and his tools!

— Ivory L., Griffin, GA

"My First Deal... 2,000 Miles Away!"

Thank you for helping me do my FIRST deal! The deal was in central Tennessee, about two thousand miles away, and I never had to leave So Cal to do the deal! 

From first contact with the seller to having it SOLD and getting the $10,000 check, the total time lapsed was 22 days.

Without your teaching and guidance throughout the whole process, I would NEVER have done the deal.

— Ryan S., Orange County, CA


First deal under contract and another one in the pipe. You definitely need to try it out. Of all the programs I’ve tried—and I’ve tried numerous programs—this one offers everything you need to get going, including funding.

— Felecia Phillips-Curtis
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